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Some tiny peeps debate on what to do after a splendid discovery.

Color mini-comic with chenille chick, 10 pages. Created in 2019.

A little fire peep gets some help from a friend after she becomes increasingly overwhelmed.

Color mini-comic, 8 pages. Created in 2017.

Create your own comic by mixing and matching the panels in this deck of cards.

Twenty double-sided cards with box. Created in 2019.

A book about babies who get stolen in the night, and the excellent monsters that take their place.

Die-cut accordion book with a diaper-shaped belly band, 6 pages. Created in 2017.

All toads are great, but which toad is the best? In this book, meet them for yourself and find out what makes each one special.

Color mini-comic, 12 pages. Created in 2019.

A little creature goes on a journey to meet new friends and comes back with a book detailing their adventures.

Color mini-comic with teenier comic inside, 6 pages each. Created in 2016.

A tiny accordion book about finding good things in a deep, dark place.

Color accordion book inside real seashell, 7 pages. Created in 2018.

Florence the ladybug and her friend discuss various existential problems in their lives.

Color mini-comic, 10 pages. Created in 2018.

Chomplers are your new best friend! They're super helpful, and maybe also dangerous! We don't really know.

Color mini-comic inside felt Chompler, 8 pages. Created in 2019.

Learn more about your friendly neighborhood bees (and their secret nefarious plans) with this tiny, hexagonal mini-comic. 

Color die-cut accordion book with vellum sleeve, 5 pages. Created in 2018.

A lonely robot in the middle of empty space decides to download a friend, but ends up dismayed when she gets a mind of her own.

Metallic gold risograph-printed accordion book with sleeve, 8 pages . Created in 2016.

A slightly informational (mostly joking) book about bunnies who look sweet but can't be trusted.

Color die-cut mini-comic, 12 pages. Created in 2017.

A double-sided book featuring two stories about Graggulax, an otherworldly deity, from the perspective of two alien species who have very strong and differing opinions on their god. Written by Amanda Smith and illustrated by Rachel Bard.

Color mini-comic with two 8-page stories. Created in 2019.

A small story about harvesting cat-fruits.

Color accordion book, 7 pages. Created in 2015.

A collection of five short stories about hapless little dudes that have the best intentions but end up destroying their world.

Color mini-comic, 40 pages. Second edition created in 2017.

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